Photo Auctioneer for 38 years, Hervé CHASSAING's professional activity focused mainly on PROPERTY DIVISION, enabled him to supply quality objects, establishing numerous records both in Toulouse and in Paris.

In parallel with his activity as auctioneer, Hervé CHASSAING has, since 1981, been an expert at the Toulouse Appeal Court for the specialties of jewelry, goldsmithery, furniture and pieces of art. Founder of the "Amis du Musée Paul Dupuy de Toulouse" association, he organized in 1988 the exhibition "L'Orfèvrerie Toulousaine in XVIII century". After having been an appraiszer at Crédit Municipal of Toulouse, he was chosen exclusively for 35 years in a row to direct all sales of jewelry and works of art.

With this experience, in 2013, he set up his office in Paris, 200 meters from the Hôtel Drouot, as a consultant in Public Sales and PROPERTY DIVISION, putting his long professional experience at your service for your purchases or sales of art objects, and to help you to make your PROPERTY DIVISION.

Hervé CHASSAING's main sales records

Seal of the emperor KANGXI (1662 – 1722). The highest price of auction in France in 2008 is of an amount of 5.621.000 €. World record for Chinese seal, on June 14, 2008
Ring FALIZE : 9.300 €
Necklace FALIZE : 18.000 €
Flacon FALIZE :35.000€
Pendant FALIZE: 19.000 €

Sales FALIZE - 2008

Henri LE SIDANER (1862 – 1939), la table à Gerberoy, sold on June 21, 2006 at 380 000 €
J-A BEAUCE (1818 – 1875), bataille de Solférino (24 June 1959), painting of canvas 233 x 484 cm, sold at 46.000 €, on November 9, 2004
Livre d’Heures XV° sold at 200.000 € in 2003
Baron GROS (1771 – 1835). La bataille d’Eylau – 104 x 152 cm, sold at 4 000 000 F. Purchase by Museum of Tolédo, Ohio US
Thomas Germain (1673-1748), a pair of silver candlesticks, Paris, 1732, sold 1,625,000 FF in 2004
Jacques-Louis DAVID (1748-1825) : Portrait of delegate Barbeau Dubarran, sold at 3.100.000 F
Console table in carved and golden wood, Louis XVI period, sold at 2.550.000 F Record of France for a console table.
Emile Gallé (1846-1904), Peonies lamp, height 62cm, sold June 21, 1990, 2,910,000 FF